• Serving the world’s fleet
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: Serving the world’s fleet
  • 3 access doors for heavy goods vehicles
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: 3 access doors for heavy goods vehicles
  • 10 loading bays
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: 10 loading bays
  • 500 m² dangerous goods storage
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: 500 m² dangerous goods storage
  • 11,000 m² warehousing
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: 11,000 m² warehousing
  • 10,000 pallet spaces
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: 10,000 pallet spaces
  • 800 m² refrigerated/freezer storage
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: 800 m² refrigerated/freezer storage
  • Goes back more than a century; to 1898.
    Klevenberg Shipping Center: Goes back more than a century; to 1898.

Klevenberg Shipping Center

Located in one of the largest and most advanced ports in the world, Klevenberg Shipping Center provides literally anything that is needed aboard a vessel, for both ocean-going and inland shipping. Service provision is our business – in the most fundamental sense of the word.

Achieving this in today’s high-tech environment obviously requires the most advanced technical resources: purpose-made software, administration packages, logistic devices and so forth. But the most important aspect of all – supporting our customers in the best possible way with our logistic services – always comes first.

This is to inform you that we as Klevenberg Shipping Center have offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Houston. If you are approached by companies who claim to be Klevenberg in all other ports or locations , for example Klevenberg Shipping Trader in Brazil, please be aware that these companies do not belong to our group.

Client testimonials

  • We have been partners with Klevenberg for many years and their in-depth market knowledge, accuracy and speed of delivery of consumable goods and owner’s goods make them our preferred supplier for the ARA area on a daily basis.
    Tor-Egil Gjulem

  • We have been doing business with Klevenberg Shipping Center for many years. Their knowledge of the ship supply business and the quality of their staff, that ensures accuracy, competitiveness and quality assurance make them our preferred supplier for the ARA region. We wish them all the best for their new Houston operations.
    Hans Schreuder

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