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  • Goes back more than a century; to 1898.
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Don’t brag about service. Service is something you have to demonstrate.

The history of Klevenberg Shipping Center goes back more than a century; to 1898, to be precise. That was when the Norwegian captain, E.C. Klevenberg, laid the foundations for the company that has become one of the world’s most efficient ship suppliers. Traditionally, customers used to make their purchases with local ship chandlers, but the industry has changed dramatically over time, and Klevenberg – initially Klevenberg & Co, later Klevenberg Trading Co. – has always gone with the flow in this sector of the maritime industry. The company has always been a forerunner in driving improvements within the industry. An industry that has become more international, and that requires ever greater speed as well as more effective means of communication, a dramatic increase in product range and a constant drive to achieve enhanced efficiency. That drive – to always and consistently outperform competitors, or to performing better than last time – may well be the main thread of the Klevenberg company story. It all started with old captain Klevenberg, and the drive was continued by captain Oddmund Grundstad as he led the company into the 1980s under the name Klevenberg Shipping Center. And the essentials do not change. You should not brag about service; service is something you have to demonstrate.