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Ship supply

It’s the ‘one-stop’ in one-stop shopping that really counts.

Located in one of the largest and most advanced ports in the world, Klevenberg Shipping Center provides literally anything that is needed aboard a vessel, for both ocean-going and inland shipping. The quite staggering volume of products we supply on a daily basis means that time is of the essence – always. Timing, accuracy and speed are essential within this process. Consequently, Klevenberg not only uses existing universal logistic systems, but has also had its own sophisticated labelling system for many years. After all, the ship supply chain should be watertight; at least that is our humble yet considered opinion. What our customers require must not only be in stock, it must also be delivered at the agreed time, at the correct location and inclusive of any required assistance and appropriate documentation. We consider the ‘one-stop’ element in one-stop shopping to be the most important of the entire process.