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It’s all about handling everything in a logistically intelligent way.

We maintain permanent stocks of slightly less than half of all the products required by our customers. Slightly more than half of the items we supply are products which are purchased fresh on a daily basis and traded immediately. Our warehouse therefore fulfils a very versatile function. It’s about storage; sometimes for an extended period. It’s about handling everything in a logistically intelligent way. Our warehouse often deals with smaller individual deliveries from our suppliers at the same time as fulfilling large and complex customer orders for dispatch. We also regularly cater for specific storage needs. We can handle items which require refrigeration or freezing in our 800m² facility. And when it comes to hazardous substances and chemicals, Klevenberg Shipping Center also meets all the required standards, with a 500m² bunker storage facility in which to store such products with proper care and attention. Our warehouse features 135,000m³ of space and has the capacity for 10,000 full pallets.